SmartLine RVS Rotary Vibration Machine

The RVS series represents the highest specification within the Wheelabrator Vibro bowl range. All key features are included as standard, avoiding any additional hidden cost (see table below).

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SmartLine RVS Rotary Vibration Machine


In Stock


Vibratory Finishing


Deburring, Deflashing, Polishing, Smoothing, Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Grinding



Key Benefits

Process a large number or parts to an exact specification

Flexible to ensure exact finishing specifications

Key extras included as standard


  • Fabricated from high quality steel to increase durability
  • Welded and heat treated bowl
  • Metered water supply to ensure controlled delivery of compound 
  • Changeable separation screen facilitates efficient separation for different components and finishing media 
  • Bottom drains for efficient drainage
  • Easy integration to ancillary and process water treatment systems


  • Deburring
  • Deflashing
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Smoothing
  • Super-finishing

Wheelabrator Vibro Rotary Vibration Machines provide a fast reliable and automated way to process a large number of components to your exact specifications. They are also supplied with additional features as standard, including touch screen control panels, frequency inverters and metering systems. 

Ideal for deburring, finishing and polishing, they can be used with a wide variety of materials and metals including aluminium, steel and stainless steel.


Model RVS 2 RVS 3 RVS 5 RVS 7 RVS 9 
Work Bowl Volume (litre) 220 330 550 720 920
Touch Screen Control Panel TSC2E TSC3E TSC4E TSC6E TSC8E
CMS 70 Metering Unit
 CMS 150 Metering Unit N/A N/A Optional
Frequency Inverter    
Control Panel Stand        
Manual Separation Flap  ✓     Optional Optional
Pneumatic Separation Flap  Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Semi-acoustic Enclosure Optional Optional
Optional Optional Optional
 Reverse Weight Auto Separator Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

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