SmartLine MRV
Mini Round Vibration Machine

Compact and ideal for low volumes

All SmartLine MRV Mini Round Vibration Machines are positioned at a comfortable operator working height and have a manual unload door to enable efficient evacuation of components and media, fed directly onto an optional vibratory screening deck.

The double flange drive motor is vertically mounted and features long life bearings to increase durability.

SmartLine MRV Mini Round Vibration Machine


In Stock


Vibratory Finishing


Deburring, Deflashing, Polishing, Grinding, Smoothing, Super-finishing



Key Benefits

Ideal for finishing lower volume products

Variable work bowl sizes to suit different applications

Compact solution


  • Full polyurethane bowl with unique two part curved wall design
  • Oil and abrasion resistant working bowl for longer life service
  • Metered water and compound supply to ensure controlled delivery of liquid consumables to the machine
  • Touch screen control panel for simplified operation of equipment
  • Variable speed control by frequency inverter for optimum process control and flexibility
  • Bottom drains for efficient drainage
  • Easy integration to ancillary and process water treatment systems


  • Deburring
  • Deflashing
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Smoothing
  • Super-finishing
  • Part on Part finishing
The Wheelabrator Vibro Mini Bowl series provides a great space saving, high quality mass finishing solution which has the flexibility to be used for wet or dry finishing processes.  

The varied sizes of the workbowl plus manual separation options allow Wheelabrator Vibro Mini Bowl Vibrators to be easily integrated into your finishing process.


Model  MRV 0.1 MRV 0.2 MRV 0.5 MRV 1
Work Bowl Volume (litre) 12 25 50 120
Touch Screen Control Panel TSC2  TSC2 TSC2 TSC2
CMS 70 Metering Unit  ✓
Frequency Inverter
Control Panel Stand  ✓
Acoustic Cover
Compact Equipment Stand

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